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Been through a harrowing personal experience and came out unscathed and want to sport something permanent in remembrance? Want to honor the memory of a loved one or want to put up your love for that special someone on display for the world to see? Then getting a tattoo is the way to go and opting for the Best Tattoo Studio in Delhi has got to be the concluding decision. Rebel Ink Tatttoo Studio has been deemed as the Best Tattoo Studio in Delhi by their colossal client base or rather fan base of 8000. In the past 10 years, this tattoo studio has created its very own benchmark in the tattoo industry by setting up a much-coveted work profile and shining reviews making them the Best Tattoo Studio in Delhi.

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Realistic Tattoos

A realistic tattoo is exactly how it sounds – a piece of artwork that looks so realistic you almost believe it's a photo!

Balinese Tattoo

Choosing a tattoo that embodies this design is a very meaningful way to bring balance to your own life.

Mandala Tattoos

Mandala Tattoo represents balance, eternity, and perfection. These are common designs, though no two mandala tattoos like exactly alike

Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos are all the rage these days. And I get it. They look pretty cool. But people don't realize that these tattoos take a lot of time and effort to complete.

Anime Tattoos

Anime tattoos are also known for a use of bold colors and details to tell a story, so combining these two for a tattoo is the perfect match.

Black & Grey Tattoos

Black-and-gray is a style of tattooing that uses only black ink in varying shades

Japanese Tattoos

Japan despite of recent tattoo fashion boom, people still have a bad impression towards Irezumi

Tribal Tattoos

The Tribal design itself dates back to ancient India as a symbol used bt tribes.

Minimal Tattoos

Minimal tattoos use crisp black or colored lines, negative space, and sparse color palettes, conveying a design that is both clean and simple.

Forest Tattoos

Forest is abundant in life and mysteries and the same goes with symbolism. Forest tattoo is a symbol of life, serenity, rejuvenation.

Line Art Tattoos

Clear lines and designs that use only a single ink color are called line art tattoos. The characteristics of this type of tattoo are precise and discrete. Thanks to the minimalist design and monochromatic lines, the pain will be reduced when tattooing.


Piercings are the coolest ways to play with one’s look in this modern world.

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Nowadays, religious tattoos are by no means just for gang members because tattooing has become more and more popular. For many religious believers and other believers who perceive depth in symbolism, God tattoo designs like the cross and the “Jesus’ fish,” the trisula, the chakra, etc. are a frequent method to communicate their beliefs. 

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Harshvardhan Koranga
    Harshvardhan Koranga


    Rebel Ink Tattoo Studio was on my mind for a very very long time! And I'm so glad, that I got my first tattoo done here. Special thanks to Gopal and Aki for their amazing work and hospitality!!

    Ananya Bhatt
      Ananya Bhatt


      Had such an amazing experience, Noel made me my dream tattoo with so much patience and perfection. I would definitely recommend that if you want to go for a tattoo, this is the place to go! I am extremely happy with what i got made 💕

      Mayur Sharma
        Mayur Sharma


        words will be less in order to express myself, still I'll try. This is my 3rd visit to rebel ink, and o boy, Im on heaven right now, if theres one. The guys are fantastic, they are like my family. Come and visit and get yourself ink, piercing or even for a talk, U'll love it here. The tattoo i got today is really close to me and i wanted to ink it the way i experience it and i'm satisfied. thankyou so much guys.

        Robert Brian
          Robert Brian


          Amazing tattoo art with many designs. I got inked by the professional artist that can make any collest design with patience. I suggest all about this must visited place if u want to be inked.

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